Saturday, February 11, 2012

House Projects...

So I have been lucky enough to have had this past
week off(ish) and the husband off too (although the bills may beg to differ). The husband and I were able to get some of our "to-do" list of projects around the house done.... we have lived in our current location for 2 going on 3 years. First project on the list was to use that old window I have lugged around now for... no joke.... 5-6 years. I finally found the perfect spot to use it :) Before:

So handy husband and I went to work... took 2 days only because we need the paint to dry. After:

The picture of the trees are from Michael's. The hardware is all original. Didn't have them on in the before photo because I was so excited to be doing the project I forgot to photograph till after I dug in :)
We ended up hanging it up in our bedroom above my dresser. This wall had been crying for art work for almost 3 years. WE LOVE IT :) Here's the before and after of the space....

Note: On top of my dresser are salt and pepper shakers that my husband and I collect. From left to right: The Little Rascal one is the most recent from my M.I.L, snow white and dopey is from our 1st trip to Disneyland together, center is the statue from our wedding (not salt n pepper shaker), then a princess and frog from our honeymoon at Catalina Island and the last one is the first one of the collection from my M.I.L. for our first Christmas together.

Now to one of the best-est projects........ :) eeeeekkkkk :) I'm so happy about this that I just HAVE to share. now its not organized yet the way I want it to be but, like I said... i needed to share ASAP!
My pegboard......... :) Before:
 OK so i know i have a blank photo frame at the top.... its just i can't pick which photo from our wedding i want to put in it. p.s. the bookcase is getting a make over this coming up week :) can't wait. so here is the after for the pegboard....
Pegboard: Free from work
Frame: Free from old picture frame we had around the house. OK fine from my hoard of picture frames.
Pegboard Hooks: $6.00 at Harbor Freight
Total Cost: $11.00 (going to pick up buckets from Target tomorrow for the bottom row)
Ill post a better photo once all the items i want are up and it looks pretty!!! Thank you again Husband :)
OK time for some chipotle :)
have a great night......

p.s. while doing this post i found out that Whitney Houston has passed away. :( she was such an icon, and will never be forgotten.

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