Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just for Baby Michael

So my friend of many years is having her first baby! Now we've been friends since I was maybe 15 and I have not once bought her something. I always make her something special just for her. So since her baby shower was right around the corner I called her mom and asked "What can I make her? Do you have any ideas?" Her response was... "YES! Chris (best friend's Mr.) has his toy chest from when he was a baby and they wanted to repaint it. Maybe you can?" Now as ambitious as I am, I thought I could get it done while still working 30 hrs that week and still make 145 cupcake wraps and toppers for her shower. OK OK OK so I didn't get the toy chest done in time for the shower but I did get the cupcake wraps and toppers done.... 
Here she is :) so pretty and happy :)

Well during this whole time she and her Mr. had no clue I even had the toy chest. hehehehe her mom and I are so sneaky :) It took me about 1 week to complete with lots of help from the Mr. to complete it and make it baby proof too. Now her theme for the baby is transportation. I saw these wall decals at work (Target) and had to get them!  Here's some before... note: the before picture are of the toy chest on its side. I had to quickly photo it before the Mr. went to town on it. Also sorry there is no during photos.

After lots of bond-o, sanding and painting the toy chest came out perfect! 
The road idea came from the Mr. 


 Now once I was done I called her mom to make sure she was home. Loaded up the truck and the Mr. (needed the muscle to carry it into the house) and headed to her place. After the shock that I was at the house (first time in a REALLY long time I had been there) her focus went to the door. Where the Mr. was standing holding this :) She loved it!!!! Down side, her Mr. was not home from work yet and had to see it later but he LOVED IT!. I really hope the whole family enjoys this and may it be passed on to another generation. Also.... never under estimate the power of paint :)

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