Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day One of many

Thats me :)
This photo was taken at Hollywood Beach Elementary School in Port Hueneme, CA on my wedding day. That's right folks my husband and I got to play in the school playground for 30min :)

It is freezing cold and raining in southern CA right now and getting ready to post some directions on some of my cards and layouts.

I am open to any questions you may have or suggestions.

Let the creative juices start flowing and welcome to Jessika's Ink


  1. Welcome to bloggin! Have fun! I add you to my blog list.

  2. how do you do that? i want to add you

  3. Yeah! Glad you jumped in and did it! Have fun! I love my "crafty blog" Its fun to share things and get ideas!

  4. That is the whole reason I wanted to do a blog :) There are no scrappers around ventura.... closest scrapbook store is about 45 min away :( I love that I have found two peas in a bucket :)

    Here's to great ideas shared and better friendships made :)

  5. Cute photo - congrats on starting your blog