Friday, July 13, 2012

My New Bookcase

So about a year ago my neighbor was getting ready to move out of state and was giving all sorts of things away to her neighbors. She gave my husband and I some wrapping paper, ribbon and this bookcase...
(there were two adjustable shelves but I had already removed them when I realized that I needed a before photo) So after about a year of having and looking at this dull bookcase and a 3 day weekend I said to myself "Now Jessica, let's get this project off your HUGE DIY List!" Thought this was going to take up my whole weekend but, it only took me an afternoon. With my supplies gathered
1. Sandpaper (rough up the bookcase. sand everything, not too hard but a really good sanding helps the paint stay)
2. Dry Cloth (not in photo, but use this to wipe away all the dust from sanding)
3. Primer
4. Paint (I choice white, its so clean and refreshing to me)
5. Roller
6. Paint tray
***not in photo****
*Wrapping Paper
*Mod Podge
* 2" foam brush

After sanding the WHOLE bookcase I added two thin coats of primer. After that was all dry I added two thin coats of white paint.

 Once all that was dry and ready to go, I moved the bookcase into the house to start adding the wrapping paper. Notice, I didn't really care about the backing of the bookcase... that's where the wrapping paper would be applied. Now the next step was tricky but I did it and so can you! I painted on Mod Podge with a 2" foam brush to the top half only. Then I added the wrapping paper like you would apply wallpaper. But I applied the paper left to right (the wrapping paper I used was not wide enough to go up and down & I didn't want to see a seam) Once the top was done I did the same thing to bottom half and the edges of the shelves.

The wrapping paper is from Target and I love it soooooo much! So bright, fun and inspiring. I just love my new bookcase.
Now that I was able to knock this project off the list I'm onto my next craft/organizing project for my craft area.... recovered cereal boxes for my scrap paper.... stay tuned for that :)

Thank you for visiting my blog and remember.... keep crafting and smiling

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